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Todd Lester

  • Bicep Tendon Repair
Dr. Rynning did a bicep tendon repair on me and did a fantastic job! I was apprehensive about the surgery because I have never had any surgery or even been in the hospital my whole life (47) but he put me at ease and did a great job!

B Eisenberg

  • Thumb
Dr. Jacobson has been rated 5 stars


  • Spine Surgery
After suffering for more than 3 years...I finally found a doctor that knew exactly what I have on my spine..I got my surgery three months ago and I have never felt so good..thanks Dr Finkenberg for making me feel so good again.

Los Angeles, CA

  • Carpul Tunnel
I had bilateral Carpal Tunnel Releases staged 6 weeks apart and I had excellent results. I returned to work within 7 days after each surgery. Dr. Bates is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Orthopedic surgery and I felt very confident in his care. I would (and have) recommend him to friends and family requiring care for problems ranging from minor fractures to total joint replacement.

Olric Forde

  • Shoulder Surgery
Dr. Rynning is an incredible doctor! He performed surgery on both of my shoulders -- once in 2014 and again in 2018. Of all of the things that make him outstanding, here are a few: he is thorough and clear about explaining his procedures in order to ease the patient's mind; he stays up to date on current techniques and improvements in his field to be sure he's always providing the most advanced care, and he is great with keeping in touch and ensuring a smooth healing process. I highly recommend.

Troy Mack

  • Spine Surgery
Happy is an understatement! I would like to thank everyone at Orthopedic Specialists of San Diego and Grossmont Hospital for making spinal surgery seem so routine and effortless. Everything seemed so seamless with their entire staff, including helpful office staff and preliminary exams with Dr. Bates (who set Devyn's arm a couple years back). Huge props to my phenomenal spinal surgeon Dr. Finkenberg, the incision was minimal. Best of all, the pain, tingling and numbness is gone! To top it off, after doing a literal mile of hallway laps, I walked out on my own accord recovering comfortably at home tonight! Special thanks to Tracy for helping me efficiently manage the process. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me. Process aside, you helped ease some of the anxiety and the outcome is truly astonishing. Thank you SO much!

Andrea Y

  • Orthopedic / Hands
He is my hero.. my hands hurt so bad and he explained so well the exam, what was going on, sent me for test and will be releiving my pain soon. Theresa is excellent too. 5 stars ***** thank you Dr. Jacobson. See you Tuesday the 18th.

Ron Kosanke

  • Wrist
Dr. Finkenberg put my wrist back together after I fell on a roof and my radius shattered like a light bulb. That happened in 1998 and my wrist is still as if it never broke. He took good care of me before during and after the surgery. Thank y’all

Ben I

  • Shoulder Labram
At age 34 I was a pedestrian when I was struck by a car at high speeds. Dr. Rynning repaired my almost completely detached labrum, a significant injury that required six anchors. The surgery was such a success that within 6 months I was discharged from rehab with full mobility in my shoulder. In addition to being an excellent surgeon Dr Rynning has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever met. If you require shoulder surgery I am sorry for you, but rest assured Dr Rynning is the best orthopedic surgeon in San Diego.

Pamela H

  • Shoulder and hip replacements
I have had both hips replaced by Dr. Bates and a shoulder joint replacement by Dr. Rynning. All 3 surgeries could not have gone better. The fact that beyond their skill they are good,caring people whom I recommend without reservation.


  • Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Rynning is an EXCELLENT surgeon. More than that, however, is that he cares. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. Rather than doing what is easiest or quickest, he listens to your goals as a person and/or athlete and works with you to achieve what you need to continue a way of life. He is over the top patient with the patience’ impatience. Believe me, I tested him.


  • Back Surgery
I was amazed at the care given to me by the staff at Alvarado Hospital. I had back surgery and the staff was excellent. Doing more than I would expect from them, making sure I was as comfortable after the surgery as I could be. My doctor, Dr. Finkenberg, was also excellent and did a great job. Thank you all very much.

Alan Nowakowski

  • Meniscus Repair
Alan Nowakowski
A few years back Doctor Rynning did a rotator cuff repair of my right shoulder for what had been described as a massive tear. I had regained full function and resumed an active outdoor lifestyle. Late last autumn I injured my knee and a MRI revealed a torn meniscus. I sought treatment from the person who had been so skillful in repairing my previous injury. On January 11 Doctor Rynning surgically repaired my knee. Ten days later I rode my bicycle for an hour without difficulty or pain. I will turn 71 in ten days. I cannot overstate my thanks.

Keith W

  • Dr. Bates
I've been coming to Doc Bates for years. In my opinion, he has a heart of gold!!! There has never been one time he has not took the extra time to help me out and given me the coolest advice on taking care of my body and health. I wish all Doc's would follow his lead! Keith Woulard.

Doug Porter

  • Shoulder
Dr. Rynning did a total shoulder replacement in January 2020 for me. Can't say enough about his surgical expertise and his compassionate bedside manner - he is terrific and I would most highly recommend him. I saw 3+ orthopedic surgeons in the area and he is by far the best.
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